A female former vice president of MTV Networks claims that her firing constituted sexual discrimination and that she was subjected to bullying on the job. She filed lawsuit against MTV and its parent company Viacom, filed in federal court in New York, claiming that her employee rights were violated. The case largely revolves around her claims that two people in a supervisory role over her engaged in misconduct, but were never reprimanded by the employer.

The plaintiff claims a track record of two decades of accomplishment in the music industry. After she was promoted to vice president of talent and music station in 2008, a male senior vice president is accused of having treated her in a discriminatory fashion because of her gender and age. He excluded her from meetings, downgraded her duties, and forbid her to communicate with representatives of recording companies. She also asserts that he characterized her as acting in "too emotional" a manner.

Male executives and younger female ones, she argues, were dispatched to Africa and Europe for prestigious MTV awards shows, but her supervisor claimed that there were no funds available to send her, according to the complaint. Her lawsuit also refers to another male senior vice president's purported anti-Semitic statements concerning her boyfriend. She says these statements were also never reprimanded by the employer.

MTV has responded to the allegations in the lawsuits by asserting that the firing of the plaintiff, in 2010, was the result of a pattern of conduct by her that it deemed inappropriate. The lawsuit makes claims for both age and gender discrimination, and seeks awards of both compensatory and punitive damages against the employer and its corporate parent.

Source: Courthouse News, "Former Vice President Sues MTV & Viacom," Jonny Bonner, Aug. 23, 2012